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  1. The ACS Graduate Student Awards in Computational Physical Chemistry.  (For more information, see the award guidelines.)
    CONGRATULATIONS to the 2012 recipients: Scott Carmichael (Department of Chemical Engineering, UC Santa Barbara) and Matthew Hermes (Department of Chemistry, University of Illinois). More information about the recipients is found here.

  2. Take a look at the website of our "sister" organization, the Theoretical Chemistry Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry (UK).

The Subdivision of Theoretical Chemistry of the ACS Division of Physical Chemistry provides a disciplinary "home" for individuals interested in theoretical and computational chemistry.  In addition, the Subdivision contributes to the programs of the Division of Physical Chemistry in areas of special interest to theoretical and computational chemists.

We hope that this web site will be a resource for Subdivision members and for those generally interested in the theoretical aspects of chemistry.  Please let us know how we can make this site more useful to you by directing your comments to the Subdivision's Webmaster.

NEW: We are compiling a list of useful and interesting links to web sites for theoretical and computational chemists or for individuals wanting to learn more about theoretical/computational chemistry.  If you have a recommendation for a site that might be of interest to the larger community, please send the URL and a brief description of the site to the Webmaster.

Thanks for visiting the Theory Subdivision web site!

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